What does it mean to STAND Beautiful?

It means you get to ignore societal standards, and instead just be you. Perfectly you. How? Just get over it. What’s expected of us is dumb. And overrated. We don’t have to conform to anything. God made us different from everyone else so we could be DIFFERENT, not try and act similarly. Being unique is “in” right now anyways.

That’s why people are wearing socks and sandals and piercing their noses and drinking boxed water. And on that note, this whole “ideal beauty” thing is overrated. Women generally don’t look good when working out, or have flat bellies when they sit down.  And yet, we’re conditioned to compare ourselves to the photoshopped bodies of models. We’re trained to compare ourselves to one another, period. And that isn’t right. I do it too, all the time, and it’s the worst. It makes you feel inadequate. And the truth is, no matter how hard you look, there will always be someone taller than you, skinnier than you, prettier than you, smarter than you.

Can someone truly accept the differences in another, without first accepting the differences in themselves?

But, no matter how hard you look, you’ll never find another you. And that’s what standing beautiful is all about. Living amongst all the standards and the lies and the ideals and the stereotypes and looking at yourself and loving you. You are beautiful and so uniquely perfect and there is a God that made you you for a reason and He thinks you’re pretty darn cool. Love this life. Love that body. Love being you. Stand Beautiful. #istandbeautiful