“Chloe was a wonderful addition to our conference. She shared her story and spent personal time with many who connected deeply. Her impact was deep and meaningful. Thanks!”

Scott, Director, LIFE Conference 2019


“Our sincere thanks to Chloe for her professional, polished and impacting talk to 5,000 students at our June 2019 event.

We are so grateful to have had Chloe come to Sydney and share her very inspirational and personal story. It was a delight to have her join team Stand Tall. The ease and joy of working with her and her family was an added bonus!”

Jeanine Treharne, CEO and Co-Founder at Stand Tall

“On behalf of World Orphans, it was an honor to have Chloe share her story in Guatemala City with several schools and one or our church partners! Her willingness to communicate brokenness, beauty and ongoing restoration put on display the greatest story every told – the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Chloe is authentic, vulnerable and vibrant and it was an absolute privilege to stand beautiful alongside a heart like hers!”

Kathy Davis, Sr Director of Wholistic Care


“Our goal at TEDxSantaBarbara is to give a platform to ideas worth spreading. We were thrilled to give flight to Chloe’s idea of Standing Beautiful. She was so poised and polished for a young person that we gave her the honor of opening the show. This opening is a tone setter for the entire day, and her command of the stage and her material helped us kick off an amazing day. We are so proud of Chloe and know that we’ll be able to say, “we knew her when she was just getting started”. She’s destined to be a super star and strong advocate for her Mission.”

Mark Sylvester, Executive Producer, TEDxSantaBarbara

“Chloe, you embody ‘Being the change for Good.’ Thank you for all that you do and for sharing your story with our NCL community. With you, we will STAND Beautiful and embrace everyone’s uniqueness.”

Ann Marquis, President, NCL Santa Barbara

Mercury News

“Howard speaks calmly and unhurriedly of the assault that occurred just months before. It was a triumphant postscript to an emotionally shattering episode in her life, punctuated by an image of two bare feet.”

Marianne Hamilton, Mercury News.

“I first heard Chloe present at the Santa Barbara Tedx event in August of 2016. Chloe was the first presenter at the event and she set the bar high for the rest of the speakers. Chloe walked onto the stage composed, confident, and barefoot. Her presentation was powerful. At the first opportunity, I asked if she could present at my school. I knew her anti-bullying message, which she tells in a first person narrative style and supplemented by a video and slide show would be well received. Chloe’s mission to StandBeautiful calls all of us to be inclusive and to not tolerate bullying. As a public speaker, she is cool, calm and collected while also powerful and passionate. In fact, following her presentation, many folks told me astonished they were that someone so young could speak so eloquently. I highly recommend Chloe as a presenter and as a young person who is making a difference in this world.”

Trish McHale, Laguna Blanca School

Shelli Varela
Mercury News

“Chloe’s courage and strength to “Stand Beautiful” resonated deeply with me immediately.  I truly believe in the importance of sharing the darkest moments of our lives to shed light for those who may need our help.  Chloe’s message to “Stand Beautiful” is truly an inspiration and I am honored to have had the privilege to meet Chloe and help her share her beautiful story.”

Coach Paula, Orangetheory Fitness Los Gatos.

“Chloe presented herself to our school community as a confident, strong, well-spoken and poised 16-year-old but what stood out to us most was her genuine heart of compassion and care for all who doubt their self-worth. Chloe’s bold testament of faith and her sincere message of forgiveness were humbly shared. A great reminder to all of us through the mouth of one of God’s beautiful creations!”

Jennifer Winnewisser, Bishop Garcia High School

Shelli Varela
Mercury News

“Chloe gave a superior recollection of her own story with bullying in school. Speaking to an audience comprised of kindergartners through 8th grade, as well as faculty, parents and leadership from surrounding schools, Chloe shared on a level all could understand and relate to. Her crystal clear and powerful account of her own horrific bullying story, coupled with her positive and riveting message of self-love, confidence, and self-acceptance created an experience all in our auditorium will remember forever. 

Honestly, it was the defining moment and pivotal part of the success of our awareness week at school. 

Dan Connor, Red Ribbon Week Chair/CASA Rep
St. Mary School, Los Gatos CA.

“I had the opportunity to meet Chloe Howard while speaking at TEDx Santa Barbara, and she really struck a chord with me. It’s not very often you meet someone so young who is so driven to make life better for others. To have a mission and a vision that the world can love and include all of us is one thing- to be brave and vulnerable enough to share personal painful stories with no other purpose than lift other people- is completely another. Keep your eye on Chloe- if anyone can teach the world that we can STAND BEAUTIFUL, she can.”

Shelli Varela, Fire Captain, Author, Speaker

Shelli Varela

TEDx Video courtesy of TEDx Santa Barbara. Runtime 17 min.



Years of Determination

"Fellow Comrade Chloe, Your Head and Heart are a Perfect Rhyme."

– Your Fan, Bono

"From the start, the Silly Sock 5k Run/Walk's mission was to get the community together to celebrate our children's abilities. From the moment I met Chloe she had a positively powerful powerful presence about herself. When she started with her message of self acceptance it was as if she was a beaming ray of light shining down on the crowd. There stood this 17 year old young woman telling all of us that there is nothing in this life that your child can't overcome, and we have the tools to help our children undserstand that their clubfoot or anything else that makes them different is beautiful. As a mom to a child with clubfoot it's so easy to get wrapped up life's "what if's" but Chloe's message of self love reassured not only myself, but a crowd full of people that the differences God gave us are beautiful, so we should all stand up and be beautiful!"

Michelle Agg

Chief Marketing Officer, Clubfoot CARES

"I often wrestle with the difficult reality that there are still many in this world who view “different” as something to be mocked or shunned. Chloe has found the meaning in her trauma - to spread hope, encouragement, and love to those who most need it. No doubt, lives will be changed because she fought through the nerves, discomfort and risks, and mustered up the courage to speak and to stand beautiful. The world is a better place because of Chloe."

Amanda Springer

Director of Marketing & Communications, MiracleFeet

“Such an inspiring story. Bullying is an epidemic. Love is the remedy.”
Brandy Perkins

“Chloe’s story captivates and challenges us to understand our God-given worth. Her presentation drew our students into her experience and caused them to reflect on their own circumstances. Chloe took the time to interact with our questions and shared from her heart.”

Matt Aalseth

Director of Youth Ministry , Pacific Southwest Conference

“take a few minutes to learn about Chloe and her incredible journey of accepting her uniqueness and embracing her beautiful self. She might only be 16, but she’s stronger than a lot, and true inspiration!!”
Marianne Bassing

You have raised a compassionate, brave and articulate young woman! Happy to share the voice she has found. Let her roar!!
Sharon Abdi

“The arc of the universe bends towards justice – may Chloe receive all the beautiful justice her awesome self deserves.”
Kathy Woitovich King

“Our Middle School students found Chloe’s talk to be empowering and moving.  Having a like-aged, impactful speaker, made the topic much more real for our students and really opened their eyes to the importance of self-acceptance, and what it means when #istandbeautiful”

Melissa Fedoronko

Executive Director Parents Education Network

A teenager wise beyond her years, Chloe shares her journey of being bullied, the painful aftermath, and subsequent transformation. I’m thankful to have been chosen to direct her documentary and tell her story.
Erin Li

Film Director

“Chloe, we are all meant to be advocates for those who suffer—thank you for leading the way. This world will be better because you’re in it!”
Tami Manchester

“Although only sixteen she exuded a wisdom far beyond her years. Chloe is wise beyond her years and is one who can and is making the world a better place”
Jeff Banks

Ph.D.Professor of Social Justice, Pepperdine University

“Chloe visited our 4th and 5th graders to speak about her personal experience with bullying and how she turned a hurtful event into a powerful journey that now guides and helps heal others all over the world .  She immediately connected with the students. They were captivated  by her story and her mission to empower everyone with difficulties in their lives. Her immediate impact was so powerful that the students asked her for autograph at the end of the presentation.

Catherine Monson

French American School of Silicon Valley

“I love how Chloe’s message continues to expand into a world that needs a message of hope. Can’t wait to see how she will continue to impact the world for good .”
Nancy Lindskog