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Standing Beautiful Against Bullying

May 30, 2018 – Gasia, Mike and Allie of FOX KTVU talk to Chloe Howard of Los Gatos who wrote a book about bullying after enduring it during her freshman year of high school.

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This Plucky Schoolgirl Beat the Bullies, Wrote a Book About It

June 26, 2018 -A beautiful young woman who was mercilessly taunted and attacked in high school because of a severe foot deformity has written a book to encourage victims of adversity to stay strong and fight injustice.

Read Newsmax: Chloe Howard’s Story of Triumph Over Harassment,

How to overcome disabilities and face bullies

Jun. 29, 2018 – 5:30 – Spirited Debate: Chloe Howard shares her inspiring story of overcoming a severe physical disability, dealing with bullying, and embracing her own uniqueness.

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Young Author Overcame Bullying And Now Inspires Others With Her Story

July 17, 2018 -Savannah, GA – Chloe Howard was born with a foot deformity. It never impacted her life negatively until she was the victim of an assault. Now she shares her story hoping to inspire others like her.

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KQED Perspective
Teen Vogue
KQED Perspective

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TEDx. A Beautiful Story

Chloe was born with a severe foot deformity.  She has had numerous operations and faced daunting challenges but has always met each hurdle with emotional strength and grace.  In 2014, Chloe was a victim of assault and bullying at her high school. Six months later, she had the courage to begin telling her story. She met Bono who spoke powerful words about fighting injustice.  This became a turning point for Chloe and would mark a recovery story that builds in strength with each re-sharing. Please share this story with your family and friends about the effects of bullying, and the message that your differences are beautiful.

Documentary: Chloe Howard, I am Not Invisible

(Runtime 7min.) Chloe and Dane were the winners from the Omaze campaign with (RED), and met Bono backstage. This incredible experience turned out to have more meaning than we could have ever imagined. Check out the first ever documentary from Omaze, featuring Chloe’s story and the transformative experience she had with one of her heroes.

Video courtesy of Omaze

Video courtesy of  Omaze

Behind the Scenes

Omaze co-founder Matt Pohlson shares the story of Chloe Howard, an Omaze winner who shared a special moment with Bono that inspired her to empower people of all ages to embrace their uniqueness.

Read more about how Bono Inspired Chloe.

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Documentary: Chloe Howard, I am Wonderfully Made

This documentary premiered at Bethany Hamilton’s 2017 Anchored in Love Conference.

Chloe Howard (Broken Series)

In 2015, Chloe began to speak about her assault and the aftermath. We were thankful for Calvary Church of Los Gatos for helping her tell her story during a series of Brokenness. A follow-up article by the San Jose Mercury News expanded on the story.

Video courtesy of Calvary Church, Los Gatos

STAND Beautiful. Zondervan 2018. Available wherever books are sold.

Book Trailer: Teen Book

In Stand Beautiful, international speaker and TEDx presenter Chloe Howard shares her story of overcoming injustice, battling self-doubt, and rising up to speak out, fueled by a powerful encounter with Bono from the band U2. Chloe’s story shows that even through brokenness and shame, we can venture toward hope, accept our unique selves, and share in our human experiences. Chloe boldly addresses the unlikely hero in each of us. Readers will be inspired to be brave, to speak up against injustice, and redefine beauty as more than what the eye can see. Chloe shares how faith enabled her to endure physical and emotional pain, spurring readers to delve into authenticity and stand beautiful.

Picture Book Trailer, STAND Beautiful. Zondervan 2018. Available wherever books are sold.

Picture Book Trailer

Stand Beautiful, written by teen TedX speaker Chloe Howard, is a whimsical and inspiring picture book that encourages children to embrace their own uniqueness and celebrate the differences in others.

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